The General Practice Clinic focuses on representing and advocating for survivors of domestic violence. Student attorneys take on a mix of advocacy projects in the DC legal community and direct client representation in family law litigation cases. Student attorneys work in teams, under the supervision of clinic faculty, to engage as the primary legal team on their client or advocacy work. Students engaged in litigation prepare each stage of the litigation process, including drafting pleadings, preparing pre-trial motions and discovery, negotiating with opposing parties or counsel, and, when applicable, bringing the case to trial. Students working on advocacy projects are in direct discussion with stakeholders, working to make a concrete impact on improving access to justice for survivors.

In the clinic seminar, students develop the legal skills and knowledge necessary to complete their case and project work, including client interviewing and counseling, client-centered lawyering, professional responsibility and ethics, negotiation skills, evidence, and components of trial practice. Students also have opportunities to reflect on and discuss, as a law firm, their experiences in case and project work, and work together to refine their approach to legal problem-solving, decision-making, and the exercise of professional judgment.

The General Practice Clinic is particularly valuable for students who may choose to become solo or small firm general practitioners, focus on family law, or seek employment with non-profit law firms that serve low-income persons.


The clinic description above applies to the 10-credit General Practice Clinic that will meet in the evening and be co-taught by Professors Budzinski and Gibbs. In Fall 2021, a separate 7-credit General Practice Clinic will meet in the day and be taught by Associate Dean Adams. The 7-credit General Practice Clinic will focus on issues affecting parents and children in poverty, with a particular focus on the child welfare system. Throughout the semester, students will examine the system and ways that it is used to regulate and police poor families. Working with other non-profit and community organizations in the District of Columbia, the clinic’s work will be a part of a larger movement. Student enrolled in the 7-credit General Practice Clinic in Fall 2021 will represent parents in administrative hearings, conduct community outreach and education, and research legal and policy issues. 

Contacting the General Practice Clinic

If you are seeking legal assistance, please call (202) 274-5073.

General Practice Legal Clinic
UDC David A. Clarke School of Law
4340 Connecticut Avenue NW, Room 314
Washington, DC 20008

Tel: (202) 274-7312
Fax: (202) 274-5569

Clinic Directors: Professors Tianna Gibbs and Andrew Budzinski

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