Youth Justice Clinic

At its core, the Youth Justice Clinic seeks to improve disparate outcomes for youth in the District of Columbia. The clinic recognizes the layers of barriers that push youth into the juvenile system, including racism, adultification bias, education inequity, and housing instability. For example, of the 1 million youth who are involved in the juvenile system, at least 400,000 will experience housing instability. Thus, the clinic takes a holistic approach to achieving its mission.

Clinic Contact
Suite 339

Professor Saleema Snow
Director of Youth JusticeClinic

Recognizing the correlation between housing instability and juvenile arrests, students represent various clients in D.C. Superior Court in housing conditions matters. The Youth Justice Clinic also focuses on systemically ensuring youth voices are positively amplified, seen, and offered meaningful opportunities for success. This includes partnering with community organizations to provide name and gender changes, helping detained youth with reentry needs, and seeking ways to change the culture, care, and treatment of detained youth.