COVID-19 Protocols

The University has taken the necessary steps, precautions, and modifications to operate the Law School in a manner consistent with protecting the public health and safety of the entire UDC Community by reducing risks of transmission of the COVID-19 virus.

COVID-19 Vaccination and Booster Requirement

The University requires that all faculty, staff and students be vaccinated (including proof of booster upon eligibility) against COVID-19 unless a reasonable accommodation is approved. All new students who have not uploaded proof of vaccination must do so by the extended deadline of August 18 or risk being unregistered from in-person classes. Students in violation of this policy may be disenrolled from their course(s) or face other disciplinary action up to and including expulsion. 

Students are to submit their proof of vaccination to the University Health Services using the Student Health Portal by the stated deadline. Information regarding the student exemption process can be found on the UDC RISE site.

Vaccine Exemptions

Anyone requesting an exemption from the COVID-19 vaccination policy because of a sincerely held religious belief must submit a completed Religious Exemption Request Form to the University Health Services to begin the interactive exemption process.

The Medical Exemption is available on a case-by-case basis for any medical condition that is contraindicated to the COVID-19 vaccination. The University Health Services will engage in an interactive process to determine whether an exemption can be granted. The Medical Exemption Request Form must be submitted to University Health Services.

Students and employees who were granted a waiver from the vaccination requirement last year must request the exemption again this year. 

Weekly Testing Requirement

Weekly COVID-19 testing is required for everyone at the Law School. Students will need to take a self-test at home, or test at a site off-campus and submit their negative test results to the UDC Law Negative COVID form no later than 11:59 every Thursday. All individuals who are awarded a waiver to the mandatory vaccination policy are required to test weekly at the Student Health Center. You will not be allowed to test at home to satisfy this requirement.

A list of everyone who has complied with the testing mandate will be provided to the Dean of Students every Friday. Anyone who has not complied will be notified of their non-compliance, instructed to remain off campus until they come into compliance, and to submit the Non-Compliance Request to Return to Campus Form to Ms. Pamala Dunston at  

Professors will be provided with a list of students who are not in compliance with the weekly testing mandate. A student’s initial failure to comply with the mandatory weekly testing mandate will be referred to the Dean of Students for counseling. A student’s repeat failure to comply may be referred to the Academic Standards Committee. 

Self-Test At Home Kits

Students can pick up a free self-test kit (containing 2 tests) every other week from anyone on the Administrative Wing of the 4th floor. Kits are also available in the Public Safety Operations Center (Building 39/C04). You will need to show your ID and provide your N number.

Please be advised that while the rapid kits we are distributing are stamped with an expiration date of July 2022, the expiration date on these test kits has been updated to January 2023 per the FDA. Please visit FDA shelf-life extensions for more information.

Mask Policy

You must wear a mask covering your nose and mouth when present in any common areas of the law school building. Wearing a clear face shield without a mask or wearing a mask covering your mouth but not your nose does not constitute compliance with the mask mandate. Please visit the UDC RISE site to find out where masks can be picked up on all campuses.

Test Positive for COVID-19?

If you test POSITIVE for COVID-19, you must report your positive status to the University via email at Once you contact, you will automatically receive an email with a survey link to upload your positive test result and provide information about your case.

The University no longer requires a negative test result to return to UDC campuses, provided that an individual is asymptomatic and has been isolated for at least five days following the onset of symptoms. Anyone requesting to isolate for longer than five days but fewer than ten days will need to email the Dean of Students and attest that: (1) they still have a fever and/or (2) their other symptoms have not improved. Anyone requesting to be away for more than ten days will need a physician’s justification for the requested accommodation.

If you are registered for classes, please notify the Dean of Students of your positive results by submitting a Request to Temporarily Learn Remote Because of Positive COVID-19 Status Form along with your test results. 

What to Do If You Were Exposed to COVID-19 

Follow the CDC’s recommendations for what to do if you were exposed. This includes wearing a high-quality mask when indoors around others (including inside your home) for 10 days, testing and monitoring yourself for symptoms.

If you develop symptoms, isolate immediatelyget tested and stay home until you know the results. If your test is positive, follow the isolation recommendations. In addition, please read the information under Test Positive for COVID-19 above. If your test is negative, continue to wear a high-quality mask when around others at home and indoors in public through day 10. You can end your isolation if your test is negative.

If you were exposed to COVID-19 and do not have symptoms, wait at least 5 full days after your exposure before testing. While waiting to get tested, you should continue to come to classes.

Sick and suspect that you have COVID-19 but do not yet have test results?

Per the CDC, regardless of vaccination status, you should isolate if you are sick and suspect that you have COVID-19 but do not yet have test results. If your test is positive, follow the CDC’s isolation recommendations. In addition, please read the information under Test Positive for COVID-19? If your results are negative, you can end your isolation and come back to campus.


The University is carefully monitoring reports of Monkeypox and the rate the disease spreads. Visit the UDC RISE site to learn more about how Monkeypox is spread and its symptoms.

Additional Protocols

  • Class start times are being staggered to avoid crowd congregation in the hallways.
  • Air purifiers have been placed in all instructional spaces including the clinical law offices.
  • Plexiglass shields have been placed in front of all “high contact” administrative stations.
  • Plexiglass shields will also be placed between the front row and the “well” of all classrooms.
  • In addition to universal indoor masking and testing, all law classes are currently assigned to rooms with capacity limits that are double that of each course’s anticipated enrollment to allow for social distancing.
  • We encourage you to use the stairs whenever possible so that the elevators can be readily accessible for our students, faculty, and staff who need them.