On December 4, 2020, in a program hosted by DC bookseller Politics and Prose, Dean Emerita Shelley Broderick interviewed Hon. Russ Canan, ’76, on his new book, “Pursuing the Horizon: Stories of Justice.”

In the interview, Judge Canan describes his formative experiences from upbringing including the death of his older brother in Vietnam, his post college volunteer stint with migrant workers in North Carolina, his decision to attend Antioch School of Law and his early practice experiences with Stephen Bright, Bryan Stephenson, DC Superior Court Chief Judge Robert Morin and others.  Written from the perspective of a trial judge, Canan tells numerous stories about a wide variety of tough and interesting cases.

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Screenshot of Russ Canan and Shelley Broderick on Zoom
Hon. Russ Canan, ’76 and Dean Emerita Shelley Broderick

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