Scholarship, Fellowships and other available funds

Anna N. Solomon Youth Endowment  

Established in 2010 by Elias Solomon in honor of his mother, the Anna N. Solomon Youth Endowment supports the UDC Law students, faculty and clients of its several clinics in efforts that benefit African American or low-income youth in the District of Columbia.  

BLSA Scholarship Fund                                                      

The Black Law Student Association (BLSA) Scholarship Fund provides scholarships to students with financial need. Recipients are selected by the School of Law’s Scholarship Committee. 

Cahn Founders Fund                                                         

The Cahn Founders Fund began in December 2013 to assist with scholarships and systems change programs and activities.  

Carolyn Waller Immigration Scholarship Endowment  

In honor of late alum and former faculty member Carolyn Waller ’77, this scholarship supports a UDC Law student who has a demonstrated interest in a career in immigration law and human rights.   

Change Lives Scholarship Fund  

This fund was created in 2016 to provide a flexible tuition scholarship pool without prior restrictions related to residency, merit, financial need, etc. Recipients are selected by the School of Law’s Scholarship Committee.  

Charles Mason Student Aid Endowment  

The School of Law’s Scholarship Committee chooses recipients for the Charles Mason Student Aid Endowment, which provides financial aid for students. The fund arose from bequest from the late Charles N. Mason.  

Charles Ruff Fellowship Fund  

Charles F.C. Ruff was a former U.S. Attorney for D.C. and D.C. Corporation Counsel who passed away in 2000. The Ruff Fellowship was created in Spring 2012 to support a post-graduate fellowship in the D.C. Office of the Attorney General in his memory.  

Clinic Litigation Support Fund  

This fund is used to pay litigation-related expenses incurred by students and faculty in clinics that do not have other sources of funding.  

David Niblack Scholarship Endowment  

Third-year full-time or fourth-year part-time students with demonstrated financial need and commitment to practicing criminal or public defense are eligible for the David Niblack Scholarship Fund, created in memory of Professor David Niblack. Recipients are selected by the Niblack Scholarship Committee, which is comprised of the Dean and friends and family of Dave Niblack.  

Dorothy Maultsby Scholarship Endowment  

The family of alumna Dorothy Maultsby ’88 established this fund to honor her legacy. Recipients are selected by the School of Law’s Scholarship Committee.  

Gary Freeman Scholarship Endowment  

Recipients of the Gary Freeman Scholarship are D.C. residents who have contributed substantially to the UDC Law community. In honor of alumnus Gary Freeman ’76, the scholarship supports one year of tuition for recipients chosen by the School of Law’s Scholarship Committee.  

Hadley Employment Law Fellowship Fund  

The Employment Law Training Group, Inc. and Ernest Hadley ’85, who passed away in 2021, created the Hadley Employment Law Fellowship Fund to provide a Summer Public Interest Fellowship for legal work in the field of employment discrimination.  

Hynes/Goodman Fellowship Fund  

In memory of Professor Mary Hynes and alumna Beth Goodman ’84, the Hynes/Goodman Fellowship supports a Summer Public Interest Fellowship for legal work in the fields of juvenile justice or special education law.  

Jack & Lovell Olender Fund  

A gift from attorney and former DCSLF Board member Jack Olender established this fund to support Jack and Lovell Olender Professors of Law in the Legislation and Immigration & Human Rights Clinics. 

James Gray Scholarship Endowment  

D.C. residents may receive support from the James Gray Scholarship Endowment in memory of Professor James Gray.  

James Healy Immigration Endowment  

This endowment is used to support the Immigration & Human Rights Clinic in memory of immigration attorney James Healy ’82.  

James M. Nabrit, III Scholarship Endowment  

The James M. Nabrit, III Scholarship Endowment supports scholarships in memory of civil rights attorney James M. Nabrit, III.  

Joe Julian Scholarship Endowment  

This scholarship was established in memory of UDC staff member Joe Julian.  

Joseph L. Rauh Jr. Chair Endowment  

The Joseph L. Rauh Jr. Chair endowment commemorates Rauh’s legacy as a lawyer by supporting the Joseph L. Rauh Jr. Chair of Public Interest Law, Joseph L. Rauh, Jr. Chair of Social Justice and Joseph L. Rauh Jr. Chair of Civil & Human Rights. The endowment covers costs associated with hosting the School of Law’s Annual Rauh Lecture.  

Joyce Batipps Book Scholarship Endowment  

This annual book scholarship in memory of Professor Joyce Batipps ’96 is awarded to a first-year female student with demonstrated financial need.  

LeClercq Scholarship Fund  

In support of legal writing, the LeClercq Scholarship is given annually to the student who writes the best brief in the Lawyering Process Course as determined by the Lawyering Process faculty. 

Mark Herzog Public Interest Scholarship Fund  

The Mark Herzog Public Interest Scholarship was created to support and provide mentorship to a current law student who has demonstrated a deep commitment to uplifting and serving the most vulnerable residents of the District of Columbia through civil legal services. Mark passed away on November 13, 2021 – this scholarship was set up in his honor. 

McMillan Stewart Access Scholarship Endowment  

To promote UDC Law’s access mission, the McMillan Stewart Access Scholarship, created in Spring 2022 with a gift from the Genevieve McMillan-Reba Stewart Foundation, provides support to current UDC Law students with established financial need. 

Olie Rauh Professorship Fund  

This fund, created in 2008, is used to provide the Olie W. Rauh Professor of Law an annual teaching stipend.  

Rauh Summer Public Interest Fellowship Fund  

Through the Rauh Summer Public Interest Fellowship, all first-year students and as many second-year students as possible receive fellowships while they perform 400 hours of legal work during the summer at a nonprofit, government or judicial agency. UDC Law’s Summer Public Interest Fellowship Program is an eligible recipient organization for the DC Access to Justice Commission’s Raising the Bar Campaign, which recognizes law firms for supporting civil legal service providers.  

Raymond Hossfeld Scholarship Endowment  

This fund is used to provide a scholarship in memory of attorney Raymond F. Hossfeld of one-year tuition for a D.C. resident who plans a career in public interest law. Recipients are selected by the School of Law’s Scholarship Committee.  

Richard H. Semsker Civil Rights Prize Endowment  

The Richard H. Semsker Prize in Civil Rights Law consists of $1,000 and an engraved crystal award given to a graduating UDC Law student of very modest financial resources who has a demonstrated commitment to civil rights law and a demonstrated intent to work in the field of civil rights law.” The fund arose from an initial gift from attorney S. Micah Salb and the law firm Lippman, Semsker & Salb, LLC in 2016.  

Richard Kronheim Scholarship Endowment  

This fund was created in 2016 following a bequest from the Richard Kronheim Trust to provide scholarships to UDC Law students.  

Service-Learning Fund  

Previously named the Katrina & the Law Fund until 2014, the Service-Learning Fund helps finance the Service-Learning Practicum and Seminar, which includes a service-week component in which students and faculty provide legal services to underserved communities.  

Simi Abrol Scholarship Endowment  

The Simi Cares Scholarship is awarded each year to the law student who proposes the most impactful service project. The recipient will then work with law school administration and the UDC Law community to coordinate the #SimiCares Annual Day of Service to engage first year law students in an act of service that will benefit the DC community. 

Wilhelmina Reuben-Cooke Scholarship  

After Professor Wilhelmina Reuben-Cooke’s death in late 2019, this scholarship was established in her honor.