Legislation and regulations are major tools for lawyers seeking to impact systemic reform or the development of thoughtful public policy to establish effective rights for vulnerable populations. The Legislation Clinic seeks to train students in the various skills necessary for effective legislative lawyering. The Clinic’s mission is two-fold:

1 – To provide UDC Law students with the training, supervision, and field experience necessary to become effective and reflective lawyers.

2 – To undertake projects advancing the public interest and providing quality representation to community groups and organizations in need of legislative lawyering services.

This is accomplished by seminar instruction and field experience designed to teach UDC Law students how to excel when working with text, law, policy, and politics. Among other things, the seminar surveys topics relevant to legislative lawyering, including an examination of the process of enacting legislation and regulations, the building and researching of legislative and regulatory history, the drafting of statutory and regulatory text, talking points, white papers and other policy materials, an introduction to statutory interpretation, and exploration of professional identity, trauma-responsive policy development, gender justice, disability justice, and racial justice. It also introduces students to lawyering skills such as storytelling, interviewing, counseling, professional responsibility, legal and policy research, media advocacy, oral advocacy, and mindfulness practices.

The field experience consists of supervised policy projects for non-profit and community organizations that are working to lift vulnerable populations out of poverty with improved economic security and access to other civil rights.

Contacting the Legislation & Civil Rights Clinic

Legislation & Civil Rights Clinic
UDC David A. Clarke School of Law
4340 Connecticut Avenue NW, Room 476
Washington, DC 20008

If you are a non-profit or community organization seeking legislative lawyering assistance, please contact Professor Marcy Karin, Director of the Legislation & Civil Rights Clinic, at marcy.karin@udc.edu.

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