If you are a UDC Law student, see below for 1) academic calendars & schedules, 2) registration-related forms, 3) other forms and information pertaining to study at the School of Law, and 4) forms related to privacy of education records. If you have questions about required forms, please consult the Student Handbook or contact the Registrar. See Registration for the latest registration dates and instructions. See the Financial Aid Forms page for financial aid forms.

If you are not a law student, please visit the University of the District of Columbia website for academic forms and information.


Item NamePosted ByDate Posted
Non-Compliance Request to Return to Campus FormAdministration2/3/2022
Request to Temporarily Learn Remote Due to Positive COVID-19 testAdministration5/24/2022
Request to Temporarily Learn Remote Due to COVID-19 or Flu like SymptomsAdministration5/24/2022
Request to Temporarily Learn Remote Due to Close ContactAdministration5/24/2022

Academic Calendars & Schedules

Item NamePosted ByDate Posted
Academic Calendar 2021-2022 Administration2/17/2022
Academic Calendar 2022-2023 Administration3/2/2022
Summer 2022 Course Schedule Administration5/24/2022
Summer 2022 Turbo Week Course Schedule Administration5/16/2022
Summer 2022 Course Registration Number (CRN) List Administration5/24/2022
Summer 2022 Final Exam Schedule Administration6/10/2022
Fall 2022 Course Schedule Administration7/12/2022
Fall 2022 Course Registration Number (CRN) List Administration7/12/2022
Fall 2022 Final Exam ScheduleAdministration7/11/2022
Fall 2022 Final Exam Conflict FormAdministration6/29/2022
Spring 2023 Course Schedule Administration7/20/2022
Item NamePosted ByDate Posted
Audit Permission Form Administration8/6/2020
Change of Address Request Form Administration9/4/2019
Change of Name Request Form Administration9/4/2019
Course Change (Add/Drop/Withdrawal) Form Administration4/12/2021
Degree Audit Worksheet Administration9/16/2021
Division Transfer Application Administration12/2/2020
Duplicate Diploma Request Form Administration9/4/2019
Elective/Extended Clinic Registration Form Administration8/7/2020
Enrollment Verification Request Form Administration9/4/2019
Entering: Biographical Information Form Administration7/27/2022
Entering: Honor System Acknowledgement Administration7/27/2022
Entering: Outside Employment Certification Administration7/27/2022
Externship Course Registration Form Administration8/7/2020
Independent Study Registration Form Administration8/7/2020
Letter of Good Standing Request Form Administration6/12/2019
On-Site & Late Registration Form Administration7/7/2022
Permission to Exceed Term Credit Limit Administration7/7/2022
Permission to Take Course for Transfer Credit Administration8/7/2020
Practicum Permission Form Administration9/4/2019
Study Abroad Release and Waiver of Liability Form Administration9/4/2019
Transcript Request Form for Law Students & Alumni Administration6/12/2019
ULWR: Applied Legal Writing (ALWR) Verification Administration6/27/2022
ULWR: Research Paper (RALWR) Verification Administration8/7/2020

Other Forms & Information

Item NamePosted ByDate Posted
Blackboard: How to Access Class Recordings Administration9/23/2019
Book ListsAdministration4/12/2022
Branding Guide (Abbrev. 2018-19)Administration8/24/2018
Clinic GuidelinesAdministration9/4/2019
Exam4: How to Download and Install the Program Administration9/4/2019
Exam4: How to Take an Exam Once Installed Administration9/29/2020
Grading System Explanation Administration8/6/2020
Laptop Requirements & SupportAdministration9/4/2019
myUDC Instructions & SupportAdministration7/7/2018
Parking Permit InformationAdministration4/12/2022
Registration InstructionsAdministration4/12/2022
Residency Guidelines & FormsAdministration4/12/2022
Room Reservation RequestsAdministration4/20/2022
SBA Event Request Form Administration9/8/2017
Student Conflict Disclosure Form Administration3/16/2021
Student Practice Application Administration10/11/2020
Tech Support for Law StudentsAdministration4/12/2022
Tuition & FeesAdministration4/12/2022

Privacy of Education Records/FERPA

Item NamePosted ByDate Posted
Information About FERPA Administration9/4/2019
Request to Review Education Records Administration9/4/2019
Request to Amend or Remove Education Records Administration9/4/2019
Request to Limit Disclosure of Information Administration9/4/2019
Consent for Access to Education Records Administration9/4/2019
Third Party Request for Student Information Administration9/4/2019