Resources for Students

Explore resources for current and prospective UDC Law students such as academic calendars, course schedules, student handbooks and forms pertaining to study at UDC Law. In addition, learn more about which UDC Law Offices and/or Affiliate Offices can provide you with assistance or guidance on your journey to practice law, promote justice and change lives. 

UDC Law & Affiliate Resources

This page provides information and access to a variety of UDC Law and UDC main campus resources that students may need while attending UDC Law.   

Forms & Schedules

Each semester, students should familiarize themselves with the academic calendar, fall and spring course schedules and exam related forms. 

Student Handbooks

The School of Law’s Handbooks contain the rules, regulations and policies governing members of the School of Law community. The School of Law expects each student to know the academic requirements outlined in the Student Handbook and the codes of conduct outlined in the Honor System Handbook and Tolerance Statement.

Who to Ask for Help

Need additional information, assistance or guidance but not sure who to ask? You have come to the right place.