Tonée Jones

The D.C. Bar has selected 3L Tonée Jones as a member of the inaugural class of its Writers in Residence Program. From now until June 2021, Jones will help the D.C. Bar staff writers in creating content for its multimedia channels, including Washington Lawyer magazine, the D.C. Bar’s flagship publication.

“The Writers in Residence Program,” according to the D.C. Bar, “provides law students a unique opportunity to hone their writing and interviewing skills, earn publication credit, and benefit from one-on-one interactions with attorneys across various practice areas.”

Jones says she is “honored and humbled” to be a D.C. Bar Writer in Residence, where she is currently working on an upcoming issue of Washington Lawyer. “I am so grateful to my Lawyering Process professor, Kosiso Onyia, for whipping me into shape and helping me perfect my writing skills,” she says, adding her thanks for Prof. Matthew Fraidin and Deb Cohen for their role in helping her apply for the program. Fraidin described Jones as “a dedicated law student and servant of justice. Her insights will provide a unique, illuminating perspective.” Finally, she notes her gratitude to classmate Akeem Earle for talking her into applying.

“I knew Tonee would excel at this opportunity because she is more than a law student. She is one of the most creative people I know, and this program allows for her multiple gifts to be shown,” Earle said. “She is representative of multifaceted law students and attorneys who, when given the chance, can blow your mind at the amazing things they can do. I am ecstatic to see the amazing work she will do with the DC Bar Writers in Residence Program.”

In addition to her studies and her new role with the D.C. Bar, Jones serves as Vice President for the UDC Law Student Bar Association (SBA) – which she described as her “most rewarding experience” as a law student – and works at the U.S. Department of Justice’s Tax Division as a paralegal specialist. She has also represented her class as SBA Class Senator, worked as a legal writing mentor, acted as a teaching assistant in several courses and starred in UDC Law’s recent recruiting videos highlighting the impact of the law school on students’ legal education.

Jones received a master’s in paralegal studies in 2016 from The George Washington University and a bachelor’s in Law and American Civilization from Towson University in 2014.

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