Joe Libertelli ’85 on a recent mushroom hunt

Dear Fellow Alumni,

In the face of growing multiple dire threats to our people, to nature and to our democracy, I feel the urgent need to “up my game” as an activist. As a result, after over two decades working for the School of Law, I am stepping down as the director of alumni relations to start a new organization – “Action Information” – with family and friends. Our primary purpose will be building a comprehensive online public interest event and action calendar.   

I began to work in support of this law school the first week my class arrived at Antioch in the Fall of 1982 when a couple of others and I borrowed equipment and cleaned up after a picnic. After our first year, I worked to reorganize the Legal Writing and Analysis program, taught in it for two years and then worked to mobilize support for saving us from closure. I also served on the Board of Governors as a representative before the DC School of Law was merged with UDC. My hope and expectation is that even when I am no longer an employee, I will continue to find ways to work in support of UDC Law for the rest of my life – and I urge each of you to join me in that endeavor.

As some know, while I did take and pass a bar exam, I have lived my “life as a lawyer” vicariously through you guys. Keep up the awesome work. I am so proud of so many of you out there.  

Although I will no longer be the director of alumni relations, I’m pleased to say that I am Facebook friends with over a thousand alumni – and have a similar number of LinkedIn connections with you. Please feel free to contact me and if I can help you in any way, I will be happy to do that.  

Going forward, my email address will be:  

So “don’t be a stranger!”

With love,


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