Tom Devine ’80 and Billie Garde ’86 were interviewed for “Meltdown: Three Mile Island,” a Netflix documentary outlining the impact of the 1979 accident at the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania. 

The documentary, directed by Academy Award-nominated Kief Davidson, explores the events that occurred on the day of and following the accident. The Government Accountability Project features heavily in the third episode of the four-part series, as whistleblower Rick Parks explained how he got in contact with Garde and later Devine from GAP to discuss the dangerous conditions at Three Mile Island. In addition to Garde and Devine, Marya Young ‘83 was an active partner in the case.  

Devine said of assisting Parks in the case, “Antioch Law School’s team was the front lines for the Three Mile Island whistleblowers to not only change the course of history but to stop nuclear industry Russian Roulette that risked and likely would have caused a meltdown that took out the East Coast.” 

The full documentary is available on Netflix

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