The Civil Rights and Equality Pathway is designed as a guided curriculum that will prepare you for a career as a civil rights attorney. Civil rights attorneys work in many arenas, including private practice, criminal defense, and representing non-profit organizations and government entities that specialize in protecting the civil rights and equality of under-represented and marginalized groups. Civil rights attorneys have been a key part of the struggle for racial equality, religious freedom, women’s rights, immigrant rights, the rights of LGBTQ communities and the rights of people with disabilities. Many civil rights attorneys are litigators, but they may also be community organizers, policy makers, lobbyists or legislators. By following this Pathway, you will hone core legal analysis, research and writing and trial skills.

Faculty Advisors

Professor John Brittain


REQ. = Required course for all students | CORE = At least 3 core courses are required
RALWR = An opportunity to complete the Research Paper requirement | CR = An opportunity to complete the Clinic requirement

Community Service/Summer Fellowships/Externships

UDC Law has extensive connections with non-profit organizations and governmental agencies in the DC metropolitan region that provide students with the opportunity to spend a semester actually working in their chosen fields. The following are some examples of relevant placements students have obtained with outside organizations and agencies: