Professor Jocelyn Cazares Willingham was invited to make a significant contribution to the SAGE Encyclopedia of Refugee Studies, a monumental undertaking spearheaded by the Critical Refugee Studies Collective. This extensive reference work, scheduled for publication in 2024, aims to provide an invaluable resource for individuals seeking deeper insights into the multifaceted aspects of displacement, including its historical contexts, concerns, perspectives, knowledge generation, and the global experiences of displaced communities.

The SAGE Encyclopedia of Refugee Studies is slated to feature over 250 authoritative articles, making it a pioneering reference guide for academics, educators, policymakers, community-based organizations engaged with refugee populations, and refugees themselves.

The addition of her contribution to the Encyclopedia highlights the shared dedication to enhancing the depth of knowledge in the field of refugee studies, which is becoming increasingly significant in a world confronted with a rising number of displaced individuals and communities.

This reference work will not only benefit academics but also serve as a valuable resource for teachers and educators looking to provide a better grasp of refugee issues to their students. Furthermore, it will provide essential insights for policymakers involved in refugee-related issues and for community-based organizations actively working with refugee groups.

The SAGE Encyclopedia of Refugee Studies, with Professor Willingham’s entry on “Asylum, Agency, and Victim Narrative” is set to be a seminal work in the field, offering a vital resource to all those engaged in the study, support, and understanding of refugee experiences worldwide.

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