Student attorneys from the Tax Clinic participated in the United States Tax Court’s Calendar Call to assist individuals representing themselves and hosted a series of informative tax presentations at the Petworth Neighborhood Library.

Calendar call programs, organized by various bar associations, integrated bars, and professional organizations, serve as a vital platform for volunteer tax practitioners to offer free legal aid to individuals navigating the complexities of tax law in the Court. The Court acknowledges the essential role these programs play in providing information and legal assistance to those who might otherwise struggle to represent themselves.

During the recent Calendar Call, Tax Clinic students ardently supported multiple petitioners in presenting their cases, showcasing their dedication to enhancing access to the legal system.

The Tax Clinic’s commitment to community outreach is evident through its series of tax presentations at the Petworth Neighborhood Library. The presentations educated the public on various aspects of tax law. In October 2022, student attorneys Tatyana Safronova and Nija Bastfield presented an informative tax workshop entitled, “Who is Required to File Taxes?” In the same month student attorneys Yaman Shalabi and Chadrick Hudson provided insights on the “Do’s and Don’ts When Claiming a Dependent – Do I Qualify?” followed by student attorneys Beth Brodsky and Andrea de la Torre on October 19th, who covered “DC Property Tax Credits for Homebuyers.”

The Tax Clinic’s efforts to aid individuals with their tax matters and educate the community about tax-related issues align with the values of accessible justice and the promotion of emotional intelligence in the legal profession. As the legal landscape evolves, these initiatives are more crucial than ever.

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