**Students must apply annually for financial assistance.**

Please see Applying for Financial Aid for instructions about using the forms below.

Item NamePosted ByDate Posted
2022 Financial Aid Calendar Administration11/17/2021
2021-22 Financing Your Legal Education Handbook Administration4/21/2021
2021-22 UDC Law Financial Aid ApplicationAdministration1/11/2021
2021-22 Federal Student Loan Adjustment FormAdministration1/11/2021
Summer 2022 Financial Aid ApplicationAdministration1/11/2022
2022-23 First Year (1L) Application Checklist & FormsAdministration1/11/2022
2022-23 UDC Law Financial Aid Application Administration1/11/2022
2022-23 Need-Based Scholarship Application Administration1/11/2022
2022-23 Federal Student Loan Adjustment Form Administration1/11/2022
FERPA Release Form Administration1/9/2019
Financial Aid Award Terms and Conditions Administration11/15/2019
Financial Aid Consortium Agreement Administration1/9/2019
Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)Administration4/21/2021
Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form Administration1/9/2019
Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy Administration1/9/2019
Title IV Release for Non-Institutional Charges Administration1/11/2022